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On February 23rd, 2013, the Alaska Flames of War group will be joining the Muldoon Gaming club to put on a Total War game at Muldoon Elementary.  The venue is hosted by a teacher who is a member of the PTA and a gamer.  It will cost $10 to play and all proceeds go to support the PTA at the school.  This will be a strictly historical Mid War event between the Germans, Romanians, Italians and Hungarians (no FJ or SS) and Soviets.  Doors will open at 10am and we will start by 11am.
If you are interested in playing to let me if you plan on fielding Soviet or Axis force.  Each player will field a 1500 point infantry or mechanized force using the Eastern Front Briefing.  If you wish to play, but do not have an appropriate force let me know and I will create on for you with the figures I have.  
As many of us local players play axis or western allies I will need people to volunteer to play Russians with me and my Dad.  Also remember this will be a city fight with lots of buildings and bullet proof cover.   Keep that in mind when building your force.  It will also be played on a larger than normal board and troops may be required to march across larger distances.  The Axis will be attacking and we will uses domination points to award victory.
Because it is Stalingrad there will also be some restrictions on equipment.  The following teams may not be taken in army lists for the event.
Axis Restricions
1.      Panzer III N, armed with a short barreled 75mm gun, are not in service at Stalingrad at this time.
2.      PzKpfw IV G and H have not been created yet and are not available. The Panzer IV F2 and F1 are available.
3.      PzKpfw V Panther are still prototypes' at this point and do not see combat until 1943 at Kursk
4.      PzKpfw VI Tiger I have entered production by this point, but the first units were sent to Leningrad and are not available for Stalingrad.
5.      StuG III G with schurtzen is not available, but F version units may be fielded armed with long barreled 75mm gun.
6.      StuG IV is not available; this model will not enter production until the end of 1943.
7.      Ferdinand/Elefant,and Brummbärs will not see their action until next year at Kursk.
8.      Marder III M is not available at this time.
9.      Panzer II L, Grille H, Hummel, Flammpanzer III, Radio Control Tank Platoons, Nashorn, armored AA halftracks and Wespe are also not available.
10.  SdKfz 233 entered production in July 1942, but no units have been sent to the front yet.
11.  Panzerfaust have not entered production.
12.  8.8cm PaK43/41 is not available.
13.  PaK 40’s were given production priority on November 1941, but they are still very scarce. players only be allowed to take one or two at the most in their company.
14.  STG 44 assault rifles will not be in service until October 1943.
15.  Schurzen was not in use at Stalingrad
16.  Captured Russian tanks do not have cupolas at this time
17.  The Stuka G, Panzerwerfers, Puppchens, Sd Kfz 250/9s, and Bunkerflak are also not available
18.  German players cannot take a Fallschirmjager Company because the FJ did not fight in the Battle.
19.  SS units are also not available to players.

Soviet Restrictions
1.      T-34/76 obr. 1943 or T-34/85 have not been put into production or distributed to units and are not available.
2.      The Soviets did not have large quantities of Lend Lease tanks at the battle.  Players may only field one platoon of them per company and must take the minimum number of tanks.
3.      KV-1s went into full production on August 20th 1942 and players may only field one platoon of them per company and must take the minimum number of tanks.
4.      KV-2 heavy tanks are out of production since last October and very few remain in service. Players may only field one platoon of them per company and must take the minimum number of tanks.
5.      In September 1942 the Soviet Union had no self-propelled guns available for Stalingrad and soviet players may not field any.
6.      The 57mm ZIS-2 was originally built in 1941 but production stopped in December and it restarted in June 1943, Players may only field one platoon of them per company and must take the minimum number of tanks.
7.      A Soviet player cannot field Cossacks.
For those of you not familiar with the Total War and Across the Volga rules here is a summary of a few of the rules.   All artillery that has a staff team will be deployed off table and is considered to have range to any spot on the table top. This means you do not have to have the model to field the artillery piece. 
Also all Divisional and Regimental support options will be pooled at the beginning of the game and distributed teams can decide how to distribute them.  That mean the tank platoon I take as a division support option can be given to Tyson before the game starts to help him secure his objective. 
I am planning on a few surprises and twists to the game which will give the game a real Stalingrad feel.  This T-34s rolling out of factories and Germans desperately hanging on.  
I would like to know if you can make it or not the week before the event so I can make appropriate arrangements.  Please have your 1500 point list to me before Monday February 18th.  Let me know as soon as you can if you plan on playing.  If you have any questions on force construction or the event please feel free to contact me at

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