Monday, October 8, 2012

X-Wing Fighter Mission: Second Battle of Ord Biniir

My dad and I played our first game of X-Wing Fighter from Fantasy Flight Games tonight and needless to say I am now hooked.  We ordered about $250 worth of more stuff tonight.  Anyway, I was so stoked about the game that I jumped over to Wookiepedia and started researching X-Wing scenerios to play.  I drafted up a first scenario based on the Battle of Ord Biniir article I read.  Take a read and let me know what you think.


A special thanks to JustinKase over at A Few Maneuvers Forum for creating the AA Tower, the 181st and Capt. Fel Card.

Here are links to full size images of this mission

The Second Battle of Ord Biniir
Pilot and Tower Cards


Anonymous said...

I know the Tower doesn't move, but what is the piloting skill of the Tower? Without out at least a zero your tower can't fire.

cbaxter said...

pilot skill will be 2

The Masked Minstrel said...

Looks good.

I just wonder how this plays out, with the Y-Wings being notably sluggish, though I guess the AA Gun batteries offset that.

Looks like you've convinced me to buy two more Y-Wings in the future, curse you! :P

But seriously, looks cool.

cbaxter said...

yeah i see the with the y-wings, but this is a historical battle and that was what was there, probably why the rebels lost ;)