Monday, April 9, 2012

Днепровский рубеж (Dnieper line) - Review

I watched this full length Russian War movie last night, no subtitle, but it didn't matter I could tell what was going on.  It was actually pretty well done fore being a Russian Film.  A little cheesy and over dramatic at some points, but surprisingly well done.  Its about a Soviet defense of a city with underlying love story.  All I could think about was building more terrain and collecting more Soviets and Germans.

One cool, but cheesy, part at the end as the Soviets desperately try to defend the city was a german platoon was working its way through a  street when a russian soldier jumps on an truck with a quad HMG AA gun mounted on the back (BF really needs to release these for barbarosa)  and guns down the whole platoon.  It was more comical than anything and is followed up by a Russian soldier taking off a germans head witha  trench shovel like he was a zombie.  Now even though those scenes were kinda ridiculous over all I really liked the movie and despite it being in Russian I could figure out the general jist of the storyline.

The uniforms also looked great, the tanks and armored cars look good too.  There where BA armored cars, Panzer III and Panzer IVs.   One thing that was pretty cool was these Russian in a  bunker that was disguised to look like a house.  I thought this was awesome because I am reading a book about German tactics during the war and there was a whole chapter on helping German officers identify camouflaged Russian positions and it mentioned the Russians doing this.  I personally recommend watching the whole thing, plus its on YouTube.


rempage said...

Are there any English subtitles? I do not know Russian unfortunately.

cbaxter said...

this one did not have subtitles, but you might be able to find one with them. i found it enjoyable without subtitles. the movie was so straight forward that it almost did need it. my experience with russian war films is the the dialog and script is usually pretty rough and hard to swallow, so it was probably a gift not having the subtiles.